FIR (Far Infrared Ray) Tube Heater

FIR (Far Infrared Ray) Tube Heater is a kind of the most advanced fast heating element for heating and drying which is latest invented nowadays and praised as the pioneer of the heating and drying technology in the industrial and scientific communities. This product is suitable for being used in the shoe-making industry, industrial baking varnish, printing machinery, packing machinery, food roaster and household warmer, etc and achieves good results. So far our company has produced FIR heate with the tube diameters of 10mm,12mm, 14mm, 17mm and 20mm, whose total length and power can meet the requirements of customers. We will welcome you to call us for inquiry and order.

Advantages of FIR tube heater

This product adopts blackboby radiation electrothermal tube, which is a kind of high-tech product developed by HONGTAI COMPANY. With radiation penetrating function, it can make high polymer glue vibrate, dry from outside to inside, quicken temperature rise and shorten drying time, so it can be used for adhering sole with even better combinability ,even higher tension and even higher attachment

  • Its heat treatment is 1~10 times faster than that in general way, and it can shorten heating time by a big margin and save electric energy by 30%~50% or so.
  • The volume of the equipment can be reduced by more than half.
  • It can not produce open fire and it has such characteristics as high safety and durability.
  • The temperature of the heated thing is uniform.
  • Without dust or harmful gas, it is easy to maintain and replace.
  • Easy Operation, Automatic Control, Low Cost and High Efficiency.



Low-temperature Drying of Leather, Wood, Precious Metal, Plywood, Fibre, Printing and Dyeing Product, Film, Paint, Ceramic Glaze, Medicine, Paper, Printed Matter, Food, Fertilizer, Granule, Powder Product, Agricultural Products, (Taro Grass, Jew's-ear, Vegetable, Rice Hull……), Seafood , (kelp, Squid, Dried Scallop……) .

Baking Varnish:

Baking Varnish of Car body, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Metal Furniture, Sewing Machine and Refrigerator, etc.


Forming and Hardening, Processing and Preheating of Plastics, PS and ABS Fiber.


Drug, Food, Packing Container, Dining Utensils (Dining Room, School, Army and Factory), Medical Apparatus and Instruments.

Heat Preservation /Dehumidifying:

Heat Preservation and Dehumidifying of Family, Office, Meeting Room, Auditorium, Factory, Storehouse, Shop, Hospital, X-ray Room, Darkroom, Classroom, Gymnasiums, Indoor Playground, Indoor Swimming Pool, Public Place of Entertainment, Garage, Farm and Chicken Farm, etc.


Brewing of Wine and Soy Sauce, fermentation of Bread, Toasting of Biscuits and Processing of Sweets.


Drying of Insulating paint, Film, Electronic Printed Base Board, Condenser and Drying of Sole Gluing are within the scope of specific application.


The blackbody tube is made from precious metal oxide. When it is charged with electricity, thermal energy will emit infrared rays with a wavelength of 3μm~ 50μm transmitting the tube wall, which such kind of products as quartz tube, infrared lamp bulb and iron tube can't emit. The characteristics of blackbody far infrared are as showed in the following picture (A Comparison of Radiation intensities of near infrared and far infrared) which is clear at a glance.