Mica band heater

Mica band heaters are efficient and economic solutions to the heating requirements of many applications., especially plastic industry. They can be found in several types of dimensions, wattage, voltages and material. Band heaters use electric heating (NiCr 8020 wire) to heat-up the external surface of drums or pipes and high quality mica material insulated.

Mica strip heaters shapes are well known in the industries. Almost any shape are possible. The most common square, rectangular and hex-shaped mica strip heater can be manufactured as per customer's specifications in one or two pieces units. Available with leads or terminals.


  • Stainless Steel sheath resists rust and high temperatures, and provides firm mechanical support.
  • Mica insulation prevents heat loss, thereby lowering energy costs.
  • High temperature nickel-chromium 2080 wire
  • Max. watt density : 3 W/cm² (Wattage tolerance: +5% -10%)
  • Mini diameter: 25mm
  • Mini height: 25mm


  • Injection molding machines
  • Blow-molding machines
  • Plastic extrusion
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Applications in the food industry
  • Food Industry
  • Container pipe and Tank heating

Various types

Mica band heaters are made in different construction styles, clamping mechanisms, and terminal types. Holes, cutouts, slots, thermocouple or mounting brackets can be accommodated in the design.