Flange immersion heater

Flange immersion heaters are constructed of hairpin bent tubular heater elements brazed or welded into ANSI standard flanges or plate flanges of various shapes and sizes. ANSI flange heaters are typically used for large volume, high power and/or higher pressure applications. Plate flange heaters are typically custom designed for use in smaller pieces of equipment such as boilers and chillers.


  • 1.ANSI flanges 3" to 14" standard; up to 40" available, power ratings from 1kW to 1 MW+ and custom fit to application demands
  • 2.Standard 150lb flanges; 300lb & 600lb readily available, ensures proper pressure rating for your needs
  • 3.Copper, steel, SS and Incoloy® and other heater sheaths available, custom tailored to application requirements
  • 4.Element Spacers & Supports, maximizes heater life and application performance
  • 5.Recompacted element bends provide longer life by ensuring insulation integrity

Product applications

  • Process Air & Gas Heating
  • Process Chemical Reactors
  • Boilers and Water Heating
  • Rinse Tank Heating
  • Parts Cleaning Solutions
  • Lube Oil & Fuel Oil Heating
  • Hydraulic and Heat Transfer Oils
  • Caustic Solution Heating
  • Plating & Finishing Chemicals
  • Water-Glycol Solution Heating
  • Freeze Protection & Winterizing

The drawing for reference:

When ordering, please check the above drawing.