Coil Heater

Hot runner heaters are made of nickel chrome resistance wire placed inside chrome nickel steel tube filled with MgO powder and compacted for faster and efficient heat transfer. The heaters are annealed to acquire malleability for bending into any shape. Hot runner heaters with built in thermocouple are also available. Hot runner bushes are produced with hot runner heaters of different cross section with inner brass and outer stainless steel cover.


  • 1. Standard sizes available with various cross section
  • 2. Various Watt Density options available.
  • 3. Robust Design with Choice of Terminal Exits
  • 4. Available with built in Thermocouple
  • 5. Designed for even heat profile.
  • 6. Precision fit on Hot Runner Nozzles & Manifolds.
  • 7. Highly Non-corrosive.
  • 8. Maximum heat transfer due to more contact area.
  • 9. Advanced Thermal Engineering.


  • 1. Injection moulding machine nozzle
  • 2. Hot Runner Nozzles & Bushings.
  • 3. Packaging machineries
  • 4. Hot runner Injection moulds.
  • 5. Injection & Blow Moulding Machine Nozzles.
  • 6. PET prefrom & Thin wall container Moulds
  • 7. Hot runner Manifolds.

Technical Specification and Tolerance

Sheath Material

Cr Ni-Steel

Insulation Material


Resistance Wire

Ni Cr 80-20


‘J’ type (Fe K) ‘K’ type (Cr Al) grounded or ungrounded

Maximum Sheath Temperature


Die Electrical Strength

800V A/C


> 5 M W


J type (Standard) or K type

Length Tolerance (Straight)


Wattage Tolerance

+ 10% (+ 5% Available Upon Request)

Resistance Tolerance

+ 10% (+ 5% Available Upon Request)

Unheated Length

35mm (Standard)

Dimensional Tolerance

Coil I.D + 0.1 to 0.2mm

Coil Length + 1mm