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How to choose cartridge heater?

 Selection & installation  cartridge heater method:


1. Only qualified personnel are to install industrial electric heating equipment and must meet all national and local codes.


2. Ensure the power connections match the voltage, phase and wattage data on the nameplate.


3. Cartridge heaters should have a tight fit in the receptacle hole. Drilling and reaming to the next standard size and using a larger cartridge could solve the problem of loose or worn-out holes.


4. Lead wires should be kept away from abrasion and should not be exposed to temperatures above 450 C.


5. Stocked cartridge heaters, which have been exposed to air and moisture for a long period of time, should be energized at a low voltage prior to usage, in order to eliminate possible moisture contamination. It is always preferable to stock cartridge heaters in sealed bags.


6. Cartridge heaters should be immersed completely inside the receptacle hole. If it is necessary to have an exposed section, that part should be unheated.


7. Receptacle holes should be properly cleaned prior to the installation of a cartridge heater.


8. When designing molds, it is recommended to make the receptacle cavities such that they will accommodate cartridge heaters completely and all-the-way-through. This will later facilitate the removal of the heaters.


9. Watt densities should be kept within the safe range. This can be done by using either larger cartridges or as many as it is reasonably possible.


10. To prevent short cycling, the wattage of a cartridge heater should be close to the required application wattage.