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Choosing a Thermocouple

 Types of Thermocouples


Types of Thermocouple Junctions

There are three types of thermocouple exposures available depending on the atmosphere of the intended application, intended life span of the thermocouple, process being measured, as well as a variety of other factors.

Factors to Consider

Choosing the correct thermocouple requires that you look at a number of factors. For example, a thermocouple which is only used only periodically may be less expensive, but it may have a shorter life span and require servicing more often. If the thermocouple is intended to be used for long periods of time without service it may be necessary to use a thicker gauge of wire and it may be necessary to use a design engineered for a greater degree of protection.

Below are some general guidelines to consider when choosing a thermocouple. If you need more help making a decision our knowledgeable sales staff is available to recommend a design which will best suit your application.
  o    What are the maximum and minimum temperatures the thermocouple will see?

  o    Are there any cost limits?

  o    What error tolerances are necessary for your application?

  o    What is the furnace atmosphere?

  o    What is the expected life of the thermocouple?

  o    What is the time response required?

  o    Will the thermocouple be used continuously or periodically?

  o    Will the thermocouple see bending or flexing during it's life?

  o    What is the immersion depth?

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