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What is infrared ceramic heater?


 Ceramic heater is made of glaze of high radiation ,ceramic of good hot shake and resistance of high quality.
1.High technology content, good capability ,clear, fits conveniently, acid-proof, corrosion attack, use safely, longer, use-life etc.
 2.Density of power : 3w/cm² (tolerance : +/- 2%)
 3.Max output temperature: 1292 (700)
4.Color: White/Black/Yellow
 5.Standard voltage: 120V 220V 230V 240V 480V
6.Approx use-life is longer than 10000 hours
7.With or without thermocouple lead wire
1.Kinds of painting, dry paint , pets , heat-insulating for animals, and kinds of dehumidification, sterilization etc.
2.Better firing and drying property, it is more suitable for winter when the temperature falls.
3.It will never happen any flaw on color when it is drying .

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